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Accounting has been thought only to comply with taxes and other regulatory requirements. This is very true especially for small businesses. 


There is a very powerful and transformational impact of accounting to any business. Growth-oriented businesses have tapped into this rocket booster to take their companies to the next level.


However, most businesses are reluctant to invest in this important function because of COST.


This is until now. Our Transformative Management Accounting (TMA) model was taken from world class – big business – accounting practices and 21st century information data accounting.


The advent of web-based – access data everywhere – accounting system and global knowledge-based workers is changing how small businesses are managed. Their accounting data can now transform their businesses.


We can help. 


Contact us!

Our Model

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Working Together

Business Process Resourcing (BPR) is a business's back office resourcing firm based in the North East gold coast of Metro New York.


We use what we call “Team Managed Accounting” (TMA) model.  This model utilizes US-based experienced staff and global outsourced professionals.  This is based on the Pereto Principle that leverages on what is important to any business.  


Our offshore resourcing operations is located in the Philippines. The genesis of our organization is the recognition that small businesses should also utilize business process resourcing (BPR) resources that all big business are using.


While BPO has become a business reality and a dominant competitive strategy of large companies, the SMBs have been lagging on this and our goal is to fill in this gap so that they can have the same quality of accounting and financial reporting capabilities as those of large competitors.


With TMA Model, our clients can focus more on their core business and do what they do best while saving critical costs and resources at the same time.


Our passion is to serve our clients' best interests and fuel their success by focusing on cost-efficiency, business integrity, client relations, and responsive service. We strive to be the best at what we do, we are intentional in broadening our skills, keeping up with the latest trends, working with the best technology, and utilizing all available resources.


We take pride in a job well done. Our goal is to build a strong and successful working relationship with our clients as we operate as an extension of your business and be someone that you can fully depend on and trust.


This is paramount to our success… and we want to earn it!


We are building a God-centered company built around better professionals who are committed to build a bigger purpose – the opportunity to experience the fullness of life.



To excel in the field of business back-office services, in accounting and application program interface development, which unlocks the potentials of our customers worldwide.

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